Revealing the connection between brain inflammation and mental health.

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One of the first online and ongoing clinical research studies of its kind.

Brain inflammation, as the result of autoimmune processes, infection, allergy, or injury, can sometimes trigger or mimic common mental health symptoms such as depression, anxiety, OCD or even behavioral changes. This connection between brain inflammation and mental health is often misdiagnosed by healthcare providers leading to confusion and delay of care that the patient deserves. Or even the wrong care.

The pain and anguish of these debilitating and misdiagnosed mental health symptoms can have devastating effects on the lives of patients and families – it’s all too common of a story. But we feel strongly that the solution to brain inflammation and mental health is hidden in plain sight. Our goal is to assemble the largest patient driven data and biosample resource to date to uncover the answers needed to further advancements in diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

Mental health and brain inflammation research have been underrepresented for far too long. Few long-term, real-world studies have been conducted to track individuals suffering from brain inflammation and mental health issues. The Unhide™ Project is leading the charge to change that. Now.

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The Project

A simple to use online digital platform that easily tracks patient stories, symptoms, life events, and bio-samples all in one place in an effort to look for patterns and triggers in both mental and physical health.

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Participants may be asked to voluntarily provide a non-invasive biological sample, such as urine or saliva, to be analyzed by our researchers.

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Mental Health Connection

Understanding brain inflammation and mental health symptoms can be difficult and confusing to families, clinicians – and even researchers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Unhide™ Project is sponsored by the Brain Inflammation Collaborative. Their mission is to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of neuroinflammatory disease through coordinated research that connects patients and researchers through centralized patient data. In 2021, the Brain Inflammation Collaborative received a grant from a private family foundation that has agreed to fund a large portion of operating costs for the online patient research study each year for the next 5 years. Any additional funding needed will need to be obtained through public and private donations. Please consider helping fund this mission.

Other research projects sponsored by the Brain Inflammation Collaborative, related to finding the answers needed to understanding brain inflammation, may also be funded by public and private donations, government grants, or pharma companies looking to give back to the community. Help us today to make a difference in uncovering the connection between brain inflammation and mental health.

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NOTE: The  Unhide™ Project platform is not a medical device, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, monitor or prevent medical conditions or illnesses. Do not make any major health changes without consulting your doctor or a medical professional.